We provide support to companies whose main activity is sales, distribution or industrial production. In brief, we take upon ourselves all technical and operational processes to simplify your functioning on the market, in accordance with regulations and applicable provisions of law, but more importantly – in accordance with best practices.

What can we do?

  • measurement data acquisition
  • submission of nominations and re-nominations
  • preparation of short-, medium-and long-term off take forecasts
  • management of TSO and DSO accounts
  • responsibility (also financial) for the balancing process
  • We support clients in obtaining relevant and reliable data within their organizations
  • Based on the basic information received from the client, we report data to the appropriate institutions, in accordance with the requirements and regulations
  • We ensure full transparency of the process and confidentiality of data as well as timeliness of the process, for which we take responsibility

So far, during 5 years of operations, we have approved (as a proxy) almost 40 different licenses. We will acquire on your behalf licenses for:

  • Gas Fuel Trading (OPG)
  • Electricity Trading (OEE)
  • Liquid Fuels Domestic Trading (OPC)
  • Liquid Fuels Trading with Foreign Countries (OPZ)
  • Gas Trading with Foreign Countries (OGZ)
  • Distribution of Gas Fuels (DPG)
  • Electricity Distribution (DEE)
  • Generation of Electricity (WEE), including generation of electricity for photovoltaic installations

We will acquire the first and the subsequent tariffs, supporting the negotiation process in order to get the most favorable price and to reduce the risk.

If you want to separate individual processes from the structure of your company, we offer assistance in the following areas:

  • supplier change processes
  • settlements of clients (billing) and operators (also foreign operators)
  • gas purchase on behalf of you and for your company, both on TGE and in bilateral contracts
  • performing in capacity allocation auctions
  • import and export of gas and electricity

We offer a wide range of gas market training for both employees and management staff:

  • Practical financial modeling of the energy and gas market
  • Balancing
  • Forecasting
  • Pricing of offers
  • Preparation of tariffs and concessions
  • Settlements with market participants
  • Reporting

To organize processes in your company, we will prepare outlines and descriptions of key business processes related to the activity on the gas, energy and liquid fuels market. We will also prepare the procedures necessary for the proper functioning of the company and position instructions.

Telephone support in key processes and assistance in the most difficult moments. We offer flexible support plans, which take into account each range of needs. If you do not use all the hours included in the subscription, you can use them for other services of our company within 6 months.