If you plan to purchase a Trading Company with a WEE, OPG, OGZ, OEE, DPG or DEE concession, we provide expertise on this type of transactions – our goal is to minimize the risk of the buyer.

How do we work?

We check the company’s history, the validity of concessions and operator contracts, the scope of compliance with all regulatory and reporting obligations (including Article 44 of the Energy and Excise Law) and trading requirements for the performance of a given concession.

The study of the company prepared by us will limit the Investor’s risk related to subsequent proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, which may result in revocation of the concession to the newly purchased entity.

How else can we help you?

It often happens that purchased companies, despite their concession, do not have it launched (they did not carry out the first transactions). We will support the launch of a concession (also in the case of gas concessions with foreign countries [OGZ]) so that the company will quickly achieve operational readiness.

We will help you sign all the necessary agreements, including operator agreements, RRM (transaction data reporting) and TDM.