Lower gas and energy purchase costs for the company? That’s possible!
Change of the supplier, participation in the purchasing group or power optimization? Or maybe direct purchases at the Polish Power Exchange?

It’s your choice!

We are specialists in the area of energy trade and gas fuels, and owing to many years of experience on the market, we successfully help optimize the costs
in our clients’ companies.

We will carry out tendering procedures and choose the cheapest and at the same time stable energy supplier.
Right now, you can take advantage of the free market and save up to 25% per year, in relation to the largest supplier’s tariff!

On the basis of peak power data used during the day and information about the production profile and currently ordered power in your company, we will prepare calculations aimed at reducing costs in this area. Potential savings on fixed and network fees can reach as much as 15-20%!

In order to maximize profits and limit the risk of building a portfolio, we will buy all or part of the necessary volume on the Polish Power Exchange on your behalf.

We conduct gas purchase auctions, aggregating demand within the purchasing group. The savings achieved exceed even those negotiated in individual tenders.